What is IMATS?

IMATS stands for Intermediate Musculoskeletal Assessment and Treatment Service. Our role is to provide assessment of musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) problems and establish the best route of management for your problem.

Why have I been referred?

You have been referred by your GP for a specialist opinion on your problem to help you decide what is your best course of action. This may entail further investigations, require injection therapy or referral on to another specialist or consultant. The majority of patients’ problems are managed effectively in this clinic without the need to go to hospital for treatment.

Who will I see?

The service is run by a group of Expert Musculoskeletal Practitioners with specialist skills developed over many years working alongside Orthopaedic, Rheumatology, Emergency care, Pain Management and Radiological Consulatants.

What will happen at the clinic?

You will be asked a number of questions about your problem and your medical history. A careful examination will then be carried out, you may be required to remove items of clothing (wearing shorts and vest tops is advisable if required).

What if I require further tests?

If further investigations are necessary to help make a diagnosis these will be arranged, including: x-ray, ultrasound, CAT, MRI scans and blood tests. We have comprehensive access to all results by computer link to hospital systems so they will be available for viewing at your follow up appointment.

What happens after my examination?

After thorough examination of the findings, the specialist will then discuss your management options. This may include: exercise advice, pain management advice, injection therapy and/or referral to physiotherapy, podiatry orhospital based consultants.

Appointments last about 30-45 minutes.