2013-14 Objectives

Objective 1 – More GP appointments

We now provide more GP appointments as we have recruited another 0.5 wte GP. We now provide a ratio of 1300 patients per Whole time equivalent GP. The average is 2000 patients per 1 wte. This excludes any GP registrars that we employ. Our patients now enjoy the ability to book an appointment routinely within 48 hrs and emergency… on the day.

Objective 2 – To make more traditional secondary care services more accessible for patients.

Despite unjustifiable resistance from our local CCG we are continually trying to bring as many of these services into our practice as possible for our patients and also for the surrounding practices patients. Our patients have adamantly stated they wish to see more and more of these services provided. The main reasons why patients want these services is that it makes access easier, without the need to get buses, taxis, or drive themselves and paying extortionate parking fees.

Our CCG (which we also belong to)  hold our budgets for secondary care services and we think they are nervous that making these services too accessible for patients would encourage more GP referrals. We dispute this as there is no evidence to prove this and indeed we think by bringing consultants into Primary care, this will only assist our GP’s in making more appropriate referrals as they can advice and educate our Primary Care clinical teams.

Objective 3 – To recruit more members to our PPG

This year we have added another member, but we are still actively attempting to recruit a younger member who falls into the under represented under 35’s demographics. We are confident that we will have someone in post by September 2013.